The NEET MDS exam is a centralized test which helps aspiring BDS students to seek admission in the college of their choice. The major difference between the candidates who qualify the NEET MDS exam and those who don’t is mainly in the way they approach the subjects during the preparation phase.

Confront the harsh truth!

With more than 14 subjects and 400 topics, it is indeed a herculean task to cover and remember the contents of the entire syllabus. So, START EARLY.

Starting early ensures that you win the battle. You will clearly have an edge over candidates who started their preparation late.

Use selective learning and smart work:

  1. Since NEET MDS is an objective type test, the preparation should also be objective and to the point.

2. Cramming and memorization is of no help in the NEET MDS exam.

3. No need of comprehensive study. It takes a lot of time. Study ONLY selected topics deeply.

4. Decode the semantics of previous year papers of MDS.

5. Take guidance from your seniors.

6. Sort out the important topics in the subject matter well in advance.

7. Limit gazing too deep into the topic.

8. Make a note of high yielding topics.

9. Put the topics and number of days of completion in a tabulated form.

10. Try to complete the target earlier then the set time of completion.

Our success equation:


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